Singapore – Local Eats & Try in SG

Singapore is like another Hong Kong. With a high living value, friendly environment, smaller population and definitely nice food in my opinions. From Chinatown, down to Orchard Road and Geylang Road, there are even more at Gluttons Bay!

Beef Noodle

Shaved ice with coconut milk, black sugar syrup, red beans & pandan jelly

Qing Tang
Sweet soup with longan, lotus seed & crushed ice

Durian Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich

Musang King Durian

Earl Grey Gelato

Chicken, Pork, Beef Satay, Barbecue Prawns

Chinatown Food Street 牛車水美食街
Address: Smith Street, Chinatown
Opening Hours: 11:00-14:00

Orchard Road

Wonderful Durians 旺得福
Address: 147 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387469 (along Geylang Road)
Telephone: +65 68429011

Gelateria Italia

Makansutra at Gluttons Bay

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