Bene Italian Kitchen 班妮意大利餐廳 – Brunch Buffet

After a week back from Macau, I am here again for another weekend comfort before the start of my second year at University. This is indeed a super comfort zone with all these foodporns.

Bene, the Italian kitchen, has been known for their cheesy carbonara being served in a huge block of parmesan cheese. However, their Sunday brunch buffet is also impressive. And honestly, I feel so loved and thankful to my beloved parents for paying so much, such a teeny tiny foodie daughter.

Sunday Brunch Menu

Cheese board with assorted bread and condiments

Cold crab legs

Cold lobsters

Freshly opened oysters

More cold seafoods

Panini with melted cheese and tomato

Deep fried ravioli filled with mushroom and cheese
Bruschetta toast

Fried risotto balls

Margherita thin crust pizza

Watermelon, melon and pineapple

Soft serve frozen yogurt and liquid nitrogen ice cream

Pistachio opera cakes

Fruit tarts

Chocolate hazelnut mille feuille

Mixed berries cheesecake slices

Chocolate brownies

A plate of cold appetizer

Lobster with roes

Grills from the barbecue station:
Lamb chop with mint jelly, zucchini and prawns

A plate of dessert

Mixed berries cheesecake

Pistachio cake

Mille Feuille with chocolate hazelnut custard cream

Caramel custard

Vanilla creme brulee


Mango panna cotta

Fruit tart

Eclair with caramel dip

Spiced rice pudding

Caramel chocolate

Soft serve frozen yogurt

Bene Italian Kitchen 班妮意大利餐廳
Address: Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central · Estrada do Istmo. s/n · Macau
Telephone: +853 8113 1250
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00 ; Sunday Brunch 11:00-15:00

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