Arome Bakery 東海堂 – Chestnut Season & Purple Romance

Among all the commercial chain bakeries, I always go for Arome as my top preference. I especially love their Uji Matcha series and have enjoyed so much with their sponge rolls. This season, they come up with chestnut variations in their typical ways of tart, dessert cup and cake rolls.

My favourite would be this buttery tart filled with muscovado sponge, swirled with a creamy mont blanc-like chestnut cream and topped with a slightly syrupy chestnut. 

The dessert cup with Azuki bean, muscovado jelly and golden chestnuts is surprisingly filled with an aromatic houjicha panna cotta, it is an exciting combination with the chestnut puree.

Finally, the soft and spongy cake roll never fails to impress me. It is also added with muscovado and filled with a smooth Hokkaido milk based cream, plus some contrasting bites of chestnut.

In addition, the Japanese peach tart is so fresh and sweetly pairs with their signature Hokkaido cream, a layer of peach jelly and flaky pastry tart.

Okinawa Muscovado Chestnut Tart

Houjicha Chestnut & Red Bean Dessert Cup

Okinawa Muscovado Chestnut Cake Roll

Peach Tart

After the chestnut selection during Autumn season, Arome Bakery comes up with a new series for Winter. The purple potato series use Okinawa sweet potatoes to create the typical three – tart, dessert cup and roll cake.

The tart has genmaicha sponge and cream within the mont-blanc like purple potato puree, over a crumbly buttery crust. The dessert cup is again filled with smooth purple potato cream, with a dollop of not-so-sweet potato puree in addition to the meringue-like marshmallow on top and has a complex combination of genmaicha sponge and jellos within the cream. They are a scrumptious ornament.

While the roll is still soft and spongy, it is filled with a genmaicha infused cream and a few delightful sweet potato puree. In addition, there is this cookies and cream sponge cake.

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Purple Potato and Genmaicha Tart

Purple Potato and Genmaicha Dessert Cup

Purple Potato and Genmaicha Roll Cake

Cookies n’ Creme Cake

Arome Bakery 東海堂

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