Tai-Parfait 鯛魚芭菲 – Taiyaki Sweet

From Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia, the perfect Taiyaki has finally launched in Hong Kong. They serve Taiyaki with choices of red bean, custard and green tea fillings, and topped with frozen yogurt or ice creams in form of parfaits.

My choice is original tangy frozen yogurt, with a sweet and fresh strawberry drizzled with caramel sauce, topping on the fish-shaped cake, which has crispy exterior and a fluffy pancake-like interior. While it is freshly made with custard filling, it is simply delectable. So as the original froyo with honeycomb, but stuffed with red bean instead.

Despite the fact that it is located at the food court area, this cafe or take-away shop definitely worths a visit.

Strawberry & Frozen Yogurt with Caramel Sauce on Custard Taiyaki
士多啤梨+原味乳酪(焦糖醬) 吉士鯛魚燒

Original with Honey Comb

Original with Honey Comb on Red Bean Taiyaki
原味乳酪+蜂巢 紅豆鯛魚燒

Tai-Parfait 鯛魚芭菲
Address: Shop B110, Basement 1, CookedDeli, Time Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 10:00-22:00 ; Fri-Sat 10:00-23:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/taiparfait.hk

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