Lin Heung Kui 蓮香居 – Dim Sum Back In The Day

Have you ever been confused between Lin Heung Tea House and Lin Heung Kui? I do. Even so, they actually have the same serving style, same authentic Cantonese cuisine and are so crowded during the afternoon.
Dim sum trolleys and huge bamboo baskets are rolling across the floor, waiters are certainly unfriendly and less likely to serve you well.

Coming to the food, even though the shrimp dumplings are seemingly small in size, it turns out that the shrimp fillings are generous enough. The so-call “dry steamed” beef look like a traditional basket of shao mai, which is served along Worcestershire sauce.

I especially love the beancurd roll filled with fatty sparerib and soft fish maw. It is basically another version of chicken beancurd rolls. Regardless of the appearance, the duck leg wraps are indeed flavorful, dressed with sweet soy and stuffed with some kind of salty ham. An order of steamed buns is a must for every dim sum visit.

We got the sesame paste buns with comparatively dense and less generous filling, whilst the bun itself is fluffy and slightly sweet. So as the Ma Lai Go that is standing impressively tall on a small plate, extremely soft, puffy and the brown sugar has given it the perfect sweetness.

Tea Pot

Ha Gow

Dry Steamed Beef Dumpling

Fish Maw & Beancurd Roll

Fish Maw & Beancurd Roll

Traditional Duck Leg Wrap

Steamed Sesame Paste Bun

Sesame Paste

Steamed Chinese Sponge Cake

Hong Kong Lin Heung

Lin Heung Kui 蓮香居
Address: 2-3/F, 40-50 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2156 9328
Opening Hours: 06:00-23:00

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