Y M Kitchen 漁米鎮菜館 – Fisherman Meal

Tracing back to the old days, Aberdeen was a floating village associated with the fishing industry. It is likely to find fresh seafoods and recently there’s this new restaurant popping up around the small town.  Y M Kitchen offers local home cooking, as well as various seafood depending on the season.

A recommended dish is the crispy beef brisket. The coating of crisp is surrounding the tender beef, which is served along a sweet and chili dipping sauce. Their uniquely small mantis shrimp is flavored with typical salt and pepper, making it an insatiable dish. As their seafoods are mostly catch upon order, the fish is unsuspectedly fresh even it is just steamed with julienned orange peel. The seasonal veggies are also very comforting when cooked with soft beancurd and ginkgo. Don’t forget to come by the old main street for your next visit to Aberdeen!

Crispy Beef Brisket

Stir Fried Mantis Shrimps with Salt & Pepper

Steamed Fish

Seasonal Vegetables with Ginkgo Nuts & Beancurd

Y M Kitchen 漁米鎮菜館
Address: 80-82 Old Main Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2553 2295
Opening Hours: 10:00-00:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ymkitchen

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