Glasshouse – Rooftop Delight

Located at the rooftop of IFC, with a spacious terrace and stunning Harbor view, Glasshouse is a very relaxing restaurant that provides a fusion of Asian Thai cuisine with western cooking techniques. There are array of finger foods,  small and big bites, salad, mains to pair with their extensive choices of drinks and cocktails.

A recommended bite-size dish is the crispy tempura smelt fish that comes with a mayonnaise dip mixed with spicy kimchi.

The refreshing rice paper roll is filled with colourful mixture of red beetroot, Mexican avocado, Norwegian smoked salmon, tiger prawn, mints and garnished with my favourite salmon roe. Along with the Italian white balsamic dip, this combination is very international.

The caesar salad, made with crunchy lettuce, is also marked with textbook perfect fried egg with runny yolk and jumbo soft shell crab.

Last but not least, we cannot leave the restaurant without their signature dessert. Banana creme bruleed with muscovado sugar, set with a blue alcoholic flame and served with a mini cup of strong espresso.

It is also great to finish the meal with a mocktail made rustically with sweet coconut cream and milk with foamy layer and crushed hazelnut.

Lime Tempura Smelt Fish with Spicy Kimchi Mayonnaise

Rice Paper & Red Beetroot Roll with Avocado, Smoked Salmon, Prawn, Herbs & Thai Style White Balsamic Dressing

Caesar Salad with Fried Runny Egg & Spider Jumbo Soft-shell Crab

Deep Fried Runny Egg

Moscovado Sugar Banana Creme Brulee with Dark Coffee

Pandan Leaves & Coconut
Fresh pandan leaves, coconut cream, condensed milk, soft brown sugar, hazelnut topping

Address: Shop 4009, Level 4, IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2383 4008
Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00
Website: /

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