Foxtail & Broomcorn – Fox says Noodle!

Looking for a great lunch deal in Hong Kong? Here it is! Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Foxtail & Broomcorn is a MSG free noodle joint that brings Asian traditional flavors into innovation with European fusion. Their Tiffany-blue themed modern setting creates a relaxing and friendly environment, which includes a noodle bar and very few tables. 

Among the eight signature noodles, Amoy is a gluten free and low carb option, rice noodles served in a truly purified and fresh fish broth, silky fish fillets and two most loved chewy parmesan chips. The additional salmon fillet is medium cooked to perfection, embodied by a fragrant and sweet vanilla flavor.

The fried tofu patties are a healthier option to curry fish cakes. They are unexpectedly juicy, whilst flavor is also enhanced by the clean mushroom broth.

We ended with two desserts of them, the Pandan crepe with slightly sweet and salty coconut flakes; a dense cake with crushed nuts and salted coconut caramel. They are my favorites!

Chili Oil

Thin rice noodles with fresh fish fillet in rich fish broth with parmesan chips
米粉魚柳配鮮滾魚湯 另配炒蛋 芝士薄脆,時菜,豆卜,京蔥及芫茜

Thin Rice Noodles

Vanilla Salmon

Tofu Patties with Mushroom Broth

Kueh Dadar
Pandan flavored crepe with coconut filling

Pecan Cake
Pecan cake with salted caramel

Foxtail & Broomcorn
Address: G/F, 84 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2415 2555
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
Website: /

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