Japanese Wagashi – What is your Favourite?

Warabimochi is a very popular Japanese confection during the summer. Unlike the normal ones with toasted soybean flour, these matcha warabi mochi are covered generously with matcha powder. They have a gluey and soft texture, but more of jelly kind. Undoubtedly a delicious treat, which would be even better if there is some extra matcha or black sugar syrup to go with it.

Dango, fatly shaped Japanese dumplings are made with mochiko rice flour. Neatly skewered in groups of 3 and embodied with a glassy, sweet and totally irresistible soy sauce glaze.

Liege waffle, as part of the Belgian waffle family, is a type of popular waffle in Japan. Traditionally, these waffles are made with yeast to give its plumpy soft interior in addition to milk and butter. A special type of pearl sugar is also crucial to form its caramelized surface. The Japanese often serve them with different fillings, we sampled a few from custard, coffee to matcha, but to taste the real symphony of its light crunch and butteriness, going back to the basic plain flavor is definite.

Mitarashi Dango

Matcha Warabi Mochi

Warabi Mochi



Cafe au Lait

Smashed Sweet Red Beans

Powdered Green Tea Bean Jam

Liege Waffles

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