Panino Giusto – Grab and Go!

Born from Milan, Panino Giusto is a brand that claims to succeed by a precise formula “The Rule of 7”; meaning to create sandwiches with finest Italian ingredients of 70 grams meat, 70 grams cheese, and 70 grams French baguette. In spite of its pretty limited space, this newest grab-and-go spot in IFC podium with a semi-open kitchen are trying to mimic an alfresco dining area, which gives an ideally relaxing ambience. Tonight, we sampled two of their sandwiches that are both authentically handcrafted in a perfect balance of flavor.

For a vegetarian option, Genovese has grilled courgettes and aubergines stuffed between two panini-pressed baguette, with beautifully melted provolone and signature pesto sauce.

Another impressive order is the old turkey breast that comes with fresh tomato slices, bitterly fresh rockets and absolutely creamy delicious tuna sauce. I also paid an additional dollar for 25 gram thickly sliced brie cheese, super soft and comforting, it is definitely recommended.

Aside from their outstanding sandwiches, we also savor their classic house made tiramisu. Served chilled, made with thick mascarpone and egg mixture, dusting of cocoa powder, it is truly legitimate.

Old Turkey
Roast turkey breast, tomato, rocket, tuna sauce (Extra Brie)

Grilled courgettes & aubergines, Provolone, Genovese Pesto

Housemade tiramisu

Pear Nectar

Panino Giusto
Address: Shop No. 3077, Podium Level Three, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2564 7000
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 10:00-22:00
Website: /

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