Small Potato Ice Creamery – Sweet Potato Hit

Lately, purple potato has been the iconic ingredient in the dessert industry. From waffles, cake, latte to ice cream, sweet purple potato is found to be the biggest hit.

At Haven Street, this ice cream parlor is one of the latest purple potato leads where features a range of purple yam soft serve and toppings.

While trying to cover all items on their menu, I went for a mix of purple yam and sea salt ice cream, with a mini purple yam, Japanese rice puffs and dorayaki.

Truth to be told, it was a complete knock off to have ordered a mix. The sea salt ice cream is so overpowering that I could hardly taste any sweet potato flavor. It is also meltier and watery in comparison. While the grilled mini yam is certainly a nice complement, the dorayaki filled with mashed purple yam is acceptably sweetened and fluffy. For a real deal of purple potato, only Japanese purple yam soft serve is recommended.

Small Potato Ice Creamery

Small Potato Entrance

Japanese Sea Salt Mixed Purple Yam Ice Cream with Purple Yam Paste Dorayaki
Japanese Yam, Crispy Rice, Dorayaki with Japanese Purple Yam Paste
日本蕃薯仔, 脆米粒, 日本紫蕃薯銅鑼燒

Small Potato Ice Creamery
Address: G/F, 28-30 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2618 9032
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 14:00-23:00

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