Sangkaya – Nuts about Coconut!

Along the Jalan Alor street market, a lot of stalls are found selling coconut ice cream or back to basic vanilla and chocolate scoops. One might be tempted to try them all but for a real taste of true coconut, I am definitely recommending Sangkaya. They are #nutsaboutcoconut! Given a four to five scoops coconut husk, several self-serve toppings are available to choose from toasted coconut flakes, crushed peanuts, almond slivers, cereals to corn kernels.

The ice cream tastes like a frozen version of coconut milk, which is so light and naturally sweetened. A few coconut flesh are also found underneath to truly savor its wonderful coconut flavor. I am in love with my coconut now!


Real Coconut Ice Cream in Coconut Husk

Toasted Coconut Flakes, Corn Flakes

Address: Jalan Alor, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: +603 7972 7798
Opening Hours: 17:30-04:00

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