Magnum Cafe – Make My Own Magnum

Magnum was once a quite popular ice lolly brand in Asia. As they expand from retailing to investing in cafes, they once again become a favourite of all. This Magnum cafe is designed in luxurious theme of chocolate and gold, holding two mezzanine levels at the Mid Valley Mall.

The elegant bar of toppings allows you to custom your own magnum, whilst an alternative dine in option is also available at the upper floor.

At the counter, choices of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, then to toppings from nuts to popcorns and finally a dip plus drizzle of dark, milk and white chocolate. My own magnum is lusciously made to impress many of us and the combination of rose petals, goji berries and meringue liked marshmallow are what make it extraordinarily special.

An appealing jar of trifle has layers of meringue, mascarpone cheese, cream, chocolate; served atop a vanilla magnum. The addition of cashew meringue pairs amazingly with the light mascarpone cream, which tastes so much like cheesecake in a jar.

No doubt that Magnum has brought their ice cream pops to a whole new level.

Magnum Cafe

Toppings Counter

Petite Marshmallow

The Bartender

Make My Own Magnum
Vanilla Ice Cream , Dark Chocolate Coating, Culinary Rose Petals, Goji Berries, Petite Marshmallow, White Chocolate Drizzle

Magnum Trifle
Cashew meringue, mascarpone cream, honey balsamic cream, white chocolate dipped vanilla magnum, freeze dried raspberries & fresh strawberries

Magnum Cafe
Address: Third Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

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