Yogurtland – A Land of Froyo

After two consecutive experiences with Berkeley’s ice cream, it is time to seek for some real healthy yogurt. A land where allows you to self-serve some creamy froyo from the machine, Yogurtland’s frozen yogurt is made with antibiotic and hormone free California milk. While packed with tons of healthy goodness such as vitamin, probiotics and live cultures, some of their frozen yogurts are even gluten free and non fat. Not to mention most of the best-tasting and mouthwatering flavors like Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel Pecan and New York Cheesecake, they are all made with the finest ingredients with equal deliciousness.

For the limited flavor, Maple Donut is made with real maple that has a light amber colour. It is assertively sweet and that as well compensated the tartness of the froyo base. In addition, there are blue raspberry and chocolate sorbet, together with my certain favourite original plain yogurt. They are all equally great in taste, tart whilst subtly sweet.

Some mini mochis and shredded coconuts are served on top too.


Toppings Bar

Plain Tart, Maple Donut, Blue Raspberry Sorbet, Chocolate Sorbet
Mochi, Shredded Coconut

Address: 2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
Telephone: +1 510 849 8800
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
Website: http://www.yogurt-land.com / https://www.facebook.com/yogurtland

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