Eureka! – Best Burger At Berkeley

Eureka is where you eat and enjoy the best burgers in downtown Berkeley. This casual eatery offers a gleeful atmosphere with house music featuring a unique and define al fresco moment.

Before it is suffice to say their burgers are the best, we start with a two portion fish taco. The generous serving of soft tortilla is filled with bunch of crunchy cabbage, cilantro and a few pieces of merely seasoned white fish, which has also been enhanced with avocado aioli and refreshing mango salsa.

Out of the ten burgers, Fresno Fig sounds the most fascinating that composed of fig marmalade and bacon.

True to its name, the burger patty is excellently cooked medium, topped with two pieces of crunchy smoked bacons, subsequently stinky melted goat cheese and accented with a delicious sweet fig marmalade. The buns are as well toasted whereas the regular fries on the side, which is seasoned with a little salt and herbs, is disappointingly under temperature and soggy.

Optionally, you can order fried onion rings, sweet potato fries or a side salad instead.

So next time, just come by for their burgers and enjoy their thrilled services!


2068 Center Street

Fork & Knife

Seasonal Pacific White Fish Tacos
Blackened sauteed seasonal white fish, cabbage, avocado aioli, mango salsa, cilantro

Fresno Fig Burger
Fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula, spicy porter mustard, signature handcut fries

Address: 2068 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
Telephone: +1 510 809 8282
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 11:00-00:00 ; Fri-Sat 11:00-01:00 ; Sun 10:00-00:00
Website: /

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