ICHI Kakiya – Japanese Oyster Bar

Hottest new restaurant in SF? Best bar and restaurant? Walking all the way down to Mission Street from Bart, my destination is this Japanese oyster bar.

Ichi Kakiya, the sister restaurant to Ichi Sushi + N Bar, is a raw and oyster bar intimated by a group of Chef where serves market fresh seafood and dishes that are full of inspiration and energy.

Everything being served here is either raw or Japanese inspired, equally decent to look at given they are all tiny portioned.

The popular raw scallop with salmon roes comes with a plate of nori. It is eaten like a taco, and the notable kombu pickle puree has indeed added a nice zing!

Nonetheless I was completely disappointed by the replacement of lobster roll with Japanese egg salad roll on their menu, the hot ocean trout fillet is still amazing to warm the heart, even though it was a bit too salty with the miso marinate.

After all, it is still a great Japanese fusion restaurant that worth a try but do expect it to come with a slightly high price tag.


Ichi Oyster Shop

Wine Bottle Lamp

Bar Setting

Scallop, Kombu Pickle Puree, Cured Salmon Roe

Scallop, Kombu Pickle Puree, Cured Salmon Roe, Nori

Miso Marinated Umi Masu, Fennel Onion Pickles

Thank You Bill

ICHI Kakiya
Address: 3369 Mission Street (at Godeus), San francisco, California 94110
Telephone: +1 415 814 3877
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 17:30-21:30 ; Sat 17:30-22:00
Website: http://www.ichikakiya.com / https://www.facebook.com/ICHIKakiya

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