Curbside Creamery – Vegan Cashew Milk Soft Serve

The latest mobile ice cream parlor, Curbside Creamery has recently transit to brick and mortar in Oakland’s Temescal Alley. Their old fashioned and nostalgia style aims to bring hometown, classic and family friendly ice creams, which are served available in traditional dairy or vegan made with cashew milk.

From their truthfully traditional menu, there are malted vanilla, mint chip, Dutch chocolate, Thai iced tea and also sandwiches such as Earl Grey and strawberry ice cream that come with English tea cookies and vanilla shortbread respectively. Their cookies supplied by Little Ladybug Bakery varies from regular to gluten-free; in addition, they also introduced daily rotating flavors of vegan and dairy soft serve.

So unexpectedly, the salted caramel soft serve has an excellent texture of soft and creaminess, as it is made with cashew milk which makes it vegan.

Occasionally, it feels like teeny tiny bits of cashew pieces but the caramel has bursted a wonderful sweetness. They also offer gluten free or waffle cones, but I would say this absolute perfect soft serve is already very impressive.

I really love their half-and-half idea of dairy and vegan making Curbside very unusual.

You can try to locate them at local farmer’s markets at Grand Lake or Temescal too!

Curbside Ice Cream

Curbside Creamery

Waffle Cone, Sugar Cone, Gluten Free Cones, Pint & Cup

Salted Caramel Soft Serve
Vegan, Cashew Milk Base

Curbside Creamery
Address: 482 49th Street, Oakland, CA 94609
Telephone: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
Opening Hours: +1 510 250 9804
Website: /

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