Lai Heen 麗軒 – Finest Chinese Cuisine in Macau

Entering the highest Chinese restaurant in Macau, it is an one and only breath-taking experience. The modern whilst classic restaurant has an intricate wood door, wine cellar on one side and cigar lounge on the other, where features incredible chandeliers and a wall of running water plus stunning reflective glasses.

Given every table is privately spaced to provide the best intimacy to enjoy a meal from Chef Bill Fu, who previously worked at Tin Lung Heen at five star The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, the super fine environment is completed by the magnificent view of Galaxy Macau.

We are greeted politely by staff at the entrance, be seated with awesome services and is suggested with a list of handcrafted specialties by the manager.

Our meal starts with a wonderful half moon crystal jello that is filled with incredible amount of pulled crabmeat.

After we savor this already very superb amuse bouche, the signature pork bellies are even better; roasted perfectly crispy and succulent. The superior barbecued Iberian pork is completely mind-blowing. Excellently tender, juicy and smoky, finished off with a honey glaze that is sweet to my absolute liking. I can honestly say this is by far the best bbq pork I have tried! (See this, this and this.)

The best is yet to come. As we all know Tin Lung Heen is famous for the steamed crab claw, Lai Heen’s version, which is imported from Vietnamese, is guaranteed to be equally tempting, which is steamed luxuriously over a bed of silky egg white in lobster bisque. Without a doubt, the crab claw is sweet, meaty and truly satisfying.

As a cleanse of our palates, the manager suggested us each to order a vegetable soup. Indeed, the double boiled soup is so clean, flavorful and combined all these summer vegetables of soft mushroom, winter melons and cabbage.

Followed by is a supreme blue lobster that is cooked with Gruyere cheese. It is supposed to come with crispy noodle but we are told that the Chef wants to cook us something special, soba noodle. While both the lobster claw and knuckle meats are tenderly and juicily simmered in an impressive garlicky broth, we are surprised by the very delicious soba noodle, which I supposed is not to be al dente.

Last but not the least, the braised pork belly is another Chef’s signature that features a piece of crispy parma ham, sweet and crunchy seaweeds and preserved vegetable. This old school dish is excelled to a high end level that words are not enough to explain how tasty, how gluey and how amazed I am left speechless.

After a list of all the specialties, we are so full that we couldn’t manage dessert. So the manager voluntarily serves us some superficially attractive petit fours. Red bean pastry, coffee mousse, strawberry panna cotta and cookie crumbs with meringue, it is a showcase of eye candy.

This meal is truly impressive. I promise Lai Heen is perfect for a fine Chinese cuisine in Macau.

Lai Heen

Table Setting

Lai Heen’s Menu

Chili Sauce, XO Sauce, Vinegar
豆瓣醬, XO醬, 黑醋

Crab Meat Jello

Crispy Roasted 3 Layers Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly

Char-grilled Barbecued Iberian Pork

Barbecued Iberian Pork

Marinated Jelly Fish with Cucumber

Steamed Crab Claw with Egg White in Lobster Bisque

Double-boiled Shanghai Cabbage Soup with Winter Melon & Mushroom

Chinese Mushroom

Simmered French Lobster with Gruyere Cheese

Chef’s Special Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable

Petit Fours: Coffee Mousse, Strawberry Panna Cotta
餐後甜點: 咖啡慕絲, 草莓奶凍

Chinese Pastry with Red Bean Paste

Lai Heen 麗軒
Address: 51/F, The Ritz-Carlton Macau, Galaxy Macau, Coloane-Taipa
Telephone: +853 8886 6742
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11:30-14:30, 17:30-22:30
Website: /


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