GUM “JENG!” X 御前上茶 – Matcha in Taiwanese Version

Back of the GUMGUMGUM store at Festival Walk, Gum Jeng is a new hit spot for the matchaholic. Instead of their original local street food concept, they move their matcha menu all the way from Mongkok to the central shopping district of HK Island.

It showcases a range of Taiwanese matcha based desserts, which includes wagashi, shaved ice, ice cream, summer smoothie as well as limited options of houjicha tea and tofu varieties.

The matcha sundae consists of matcha jelly, tofu pudding, red beans, rice puffs and serve atop matcha soft serve with two decadent chewy dango. The production though sounds massive, in fact is perfect for one serving because the soft serve is light and less filling, while the matcha jelly gives a mild and subtle matcha flavor. In particular, the tofu pudding is also impressively refreshing and silky in texture.

Coming to my favourite Japanese wagashi, the warabimochi is another must order here. Covered with matcha powder and toasted soybean powder respectively, they are served with matcha and houjicha syrup. The latter one is superbly spot on with black sugar sweetness and toasty characters from the soybean powder.

With all matcha cafes going around Causeway Bay, GUM “JENG!” is surely a great option for the matcha craze.

Matcha Sundae

Matcha Sundae

Matcha & Soybean Powder Warabimochi

Matcha & Soybean Powder Warabimochi

Pay before the meal

GUM “JENG!” X 御前上茶
Address: G/F, 8-10 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3486 7307
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
Website: /


    1. Hi Darren,
      There are a lot of matcha varieties in Hong Kong!
      Sadly this cafe has been closed down, but they have another branch in the Kowloon side 🙂


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