Cha-no-wa 茶之環 – Hojicha Collection

When there is a best collection of Matcha Desserts, it is time to list a collection of the second most popular Japanese tea – Hojicha. Similar to Matcha, Hojicha is a toasted Matcha tea that is also originated from Kyoto Japan. A place where I am looking forward to visit soon!

Even though there are also some really amazing Hojicha desserts in Hong Kong, such as cheesecakemolten lava cake and perhaps some puddings and tarts, I still found Cha-no-wa as the lead who has recently introduced seasonal Kyoto Gyokuro Hojicha Desserts (京都玉露焙茶甜品系列).

The hojicha jelly is as equally delectable as the matcha jelly, subtly sweet, much bitter, and comes with healthy black beans instead of red bean paste.

Of course, their cake roll never fail to impress. It is excellently moist and fluffy, filled with that absolutely delicious hojicha creme, it is highly recommended.

Gyokuro Hojicha Cake Roll

Gyokuro hojicha sponge, hojicha creme
焙茶海綿蛋糕, 玉露焙茶忌廉

Gyokuro Hojicha Jelly

Gyokuro hojicha jelly, Hokkaido black beans, Japanese dango, candied chestnut
玉露焙茶啫喱, 北海道產黑豆, 日本白玉丸子, 原粒栗子

Cha-no-wa 茶之環
Address: B1, City’super, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2917 7213
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00

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