Cornucopia Fine Dining 慶有餘 – As Fine As Its Named

After a trip to San Francisco, there is nothing more enjoyable than having Cantonese dim sum with my parents. Opened at the Cubus building, Cornucopia Fine Dining is a top awarding restaurant where offers Chinese food of high quality and creativity. The restaurant is modestly decorated with big dancing lion heads, a contrasting theme colours of red and gold; the spacious, quiet and comfortable ambience is particularly impressive, not to mention the superbly attentive services.

A plate of crunchy cashew nuts is first met as a welcome appetizer.

Following the dim sum, the three gorgeously looking green dumplings are made in combination of shrimp and scallop. The juicy dumpling is exquisitely made with some crunchy pink veggie cubes on top, which resemble guava seeds. Flavors are delightful.

Deep fried taro puffs. Unlike the traditional ones, this supreme version is stuffed with abalone that perfectly comes together with the mushy taro.

Another classic dish, abalone tart, is packed with rich flavors of goose liver paste and topped off with mini abalone. This goodness is simply perfection especially with the buttery crust.

Last but not the least, the pan fried rice rolls prepared in hot XO sauce and rice porridge are both very delicious and fulfilling.

Finally, here comes the most anticipated dessert. It turns out quite disappointing because it seems to lack fluffiness. While the egg custard flavor is still spot on, the thousand layer sponge is texturally enhanced with coconut shreds.

Overall, Cornucopia obviously knows their dim sum. The quality and service found here do make up another worthy return for their elegant dinner dishes.

Cornucopia Fine Dining

Table Setting

Cashew Nuts

Guava & Scallop Dumplings

Guava Dumplings

Deep-fried Taro Paste with Abalone


Goose Liver Paste & Abalone Tart

Goose Liver Paste

Pan-fried Rice Rolls in XO Sauce

Pan-fried Rice Rolls

Deep-fried Rice & Steamed Rice with Seafood in Fresh Sea Fish Broth

Deep-fried Rice

Steamed Traditional Layer Cake

Thousand Layer Cake

Egg Custard

Cornucopia Fine Dining 慶有餘 粵菜
Address: 7/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2323 7280
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:30

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