An Nam 安南 – Art of Vietnamese Cuisine

An Nam outlet at YOHO MALL aims to take customers on a more simpler and relaxing everyday dining experience, which is very different from its mother branch in Lee Garden One that runs as a fine dining Vietnamese restaurant.

The setting is very welcoming, open and spacious; contains wood elements and decorative handmade rattan lamp shades.

The menu mostly covers small sharing dishes featuring flavors of Vietnam from the South while some are European-influenced with French ingredients and techniques.

The Viet styled shrimp toast is a very delightful start of the meal. The bottom toast is crunchy and soft centered with plump and egg washed shrimp paste.

The steamed rice flan is aesthetically pleasing with a few minimal toppings of spring onions, shrimps and croutons. An additional dash of fish sauce would be a surprising completion to this insatiable dish. But watch out! It is quite filling.

If you agree, Vietnamese meal should always include green mango salad. This version comes with grilled barbecued pork and julienned carrots, basil and peanut for added crunch. It is a formal refreshment, especially when dressed with their house made vinaigrette.

Moving on to a hardly resistible main, two gigantic river prawns are braised to perfection; fresh, meaty and rich, they are served in a piping hot clay pot where we observed so many prawn roes. Wow!

We are so impressed with the beef short ribs too. The ribs are tender and succulent, the sauce is well excelled to sweet tangy balance. Trust me, this amazing dish is a must order.

An Nam’s menu also includes a comprehensive choices of cocktail, fresh fruit smoothie and signature Vietnamese-style drip coffee in companion with a list of innovative desserts.

We nibble on two scoops of homemade ice cream. The coconut is more palate-friendly with our familiar ice cream texture whereas the yam is more like an iced mashed taro.

Made with young coconut, the agar agar jelly is also a recommended one.

Dedicated to their experienced Head Chef, the food are truly authentic and cooked like a family fare. A must-check at YOHO Mall!

An Nam

The Environment

An Nam’s Menu

Banh Beo
Steamed Rice Flan in Hue Style
Steamed thin rice flans topped with minced shrimp, croutons & spring onions

Steamed Rice Flan, Shrimp, Croutons, Spring Onions
米餅, 蝦, 麵包脆, 青蔥

Banh Mi Nuong Tom
Saigon Shrimp Toast
Crunchy bread toast brushed with egg & coated with shrimp paste

Shrimp paste

Goi Xoai Xanh Bun Cha Bac
Green Mango Barbecued Pork Salad
Green mango salad with barbecued pork, shredded carrot, basil & peanut in An Nam dressing

Tom Cang Kho Nuoc Mam
Braised Jumbo River Prawns in Clay Pot
Braised jumbo river prawns with garlic & fish sauce in clay pot

Jumbo River Prawn

Big Head Prawn

Suon Be Xau Tieu
Wok-fried Beef Short Ribs
Wok-fried beef short ribs with honey, pepper & aged vinegar

Young Coconut Jelly
Home-made young coconut jelly with coconut ice-cream

Homemade Ice Cream
Selection of ice-cream with choice of coconut, yam, passion fruit

Coconut Ice Cream

Yam Ice Cream

Lotus ICT
Fresh longan & grass jelly with lotus iced tea and barley syrup

Lychee Smash
Lychee crushed with fresh lime & a touch of fresh mint

An Nam 安南
Address: Shop 1073, Level 1, YOHO MALL, 8 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long, New Territories
Telephone: 2602 6118
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-22:30
Website: /

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