Unagi Hirokawa うなぎ料理 廣川 – All About Eel

True to the name, Unagi Hirokawa is a Japanese restaurant specializes in unagi, traditional grilled eel.

Situated at Arashiyama Kyoto, the restaurant has a great popularity with long history in providing only grilled eel dishes. It is believed that grilled eel has great health benefit, which they will select the freshest ones daily.

For just a limited number of booking available, it is often easier to get a table at the time they open.

The menu covers mainly traditional grilled eel over rice, which are offered in different sizes, and a few appetizers featuring different parts of eel, such as the liver.

A special set includes a medium size grilled eel rice. It is made with finest Japanese steamed rice, topped with house made special sauce over four meaty pieces of eel. It is so scrumptious that we are at lost of word.

The eel sashimi is made refine and we are surprised by its white-fish like, crunch and chewy texture.

The grilled eel with cucumber is also divinely made and served cold.

Another favourite from a la carte is a tamago egg stuffed with grilled eel.

While the two complete each other, the wonderful presentation of these fluffy egg omelette is indeed impressive.

I am highly recommending this restaurant for a savor of traditional Japanese grilled eel.

Unagi Hirokawa
うなぎ料理 廣川

Unagi Hirokawa
鰻 廣川

Hoso Umaki
Grilled eel wrapped in egg

Uzaku (Half Size)
Pieces of grilled fresh eel and cucumber in sweetened vinegar

Koi No Arai (Half Size)
Slices of half boiled fresh carp with a miso based dipping sauce


Clear Soup

Una Jyu (Medium Size)
Grilled eel with our special sauce on top of rice (Medium)

Special Set A


Unagi Hirokawa

Unagi Hirokawa うなぎ料理 廣川
Address: 44-1 Saga Tenryuji Kitatsukurimichi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Telephone: 075-871-5226
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11:30-14:30, 17:00-21:00
Website: http://www.unagi-hirokawa.jp


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