Greater China Club 大公館 – Adorable Fine Dining

Greater China Club is the latest membership club situated at Lai Chi Kok. In spite of its less convenient location from the Island, it has presented an amazing fine dining restaurant where worths to go ahead.

The Cantonese Restaurant at the club is executed by a Michelin 3 Star Chef, who has achieved various culinary awards and worked at a Michelin 3 Star hotel restaurant – The Eight.

The menu covers an extensive tailor-made dim sum, delectable seafood as well as a few Royal Thai dishes.

A refine presentation of the marinated abalone has highlighted the start of this epic dim sum feast. It is displayed over cold flame, with pomelo meat and dressing that have both given the plump abalones a refreshing touch.

Featuring some excellent techniques and skills, the mini salmon-shaped puffs are stuffed with salmon cheese filling, whilst the crust is made perfectly crispy and buttery.

One of the popular orders are surely the adorable three little pig. With authentic chewy glutinous dumpling and delectable Iberico pork, these piggies are must-order.

The innovative Hawthorn puddings have completed a surprising and qualifying meal.

Without a doubt, this is where to enjoy the best quality, service and authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Greater China Club

Tea Pot

Mushroom & Fungus Appetizer

Greater China Club’s Menu

Marinated Abalone, Pomelo, Pomelo Dressing

Baked Salmon Puffs with Cheese

Baked Salmon Puffs with Cheese

Cheese & Salmon

Deep-fried Prime Iberico Pork & Dried Shrimps Dumplings

Deep-fried Prime Iberico Pork & Dried Shrimps Dumplings

Iberico Pork Filling

Steamed Rice Flour Rolls with Diced Shrimps & Crispy Rice Paper

Soy Sauce

Sweetened Almond Cream with Egg White

Egg White

Chilled Hawthorn Pudding Cake

Piggie, Salmon
黑毛豬, 三文魚

Greater China Club 大公館
Address: Unit A, 10/F, D2 Place, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2743 8055
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00

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