Vida Rica Restaurant – World Class Michelin Feast

Named just a word different from Vida Rica Bar, the Vida Rica is an elegant restaurant featuring a spectacular affair of the South China Sea and Nam Van Lake. Providing all day services, it has intimate seating with the perfect interpretation on modern cuisines from the Executive Chef. While there is contemporary breakfast, the menu highlights classic cuisines impacted by delicacy and clever twist using the freshest ingredients.

Recently, the Mandarin Oriental Macau has hosted a guest Chef Stephane Buron, who heads two Michelin-starred restaurants, won several culinary awards and was named “Chef of the Year” in 2013.

His stay at MO Macau has brought us a taste of his six course degustation dinner menu as well as four-course and five-course lunches at the restaurant that features his signature fine dining dishes with wine pairing. They include a roasted pigeon breast and poached sea bass.

Started off with a refined presentation of amuse bouche, it contains element of molecular gastronomy with mashed green pea pearl and herb sherbet.

A warm basket of assorted bread are also given along with different choices of homemade butter and spread, from plain to chili, they are all neatly displayed.

The arctic char fish carpaccio has become one of our favourites, plated in circular pattern, with beautiful edible flower petals and a refreshing complement of yuzu-like sudashi sorbet.

The two mains impress very much indeed. While the white sea bass is poached perfectly flaky and moist, dressed with delicious truffle veal jus over a bed of semi-mashed potatoes, that piece of crunchy fish skin is especially worth noting because it has given a wonderful contrast to our palates.

Another favourite is definitely the roasted pigeon. As one of the Chef’s signatures, it presents an excellent tenderness, juicy and is seared to pinkish interior. This dish is out of this world.

Our five-course meal is completed with a sweet resemblance of the mont blanc. The creation combines traditional mont blanc with French macaronschestnut puree and whipped cream over crispy macaron, this picture perfect dessert is very astonishing.

Some rounding off would be petit fours of madeleines and mini lemon tart, in addition to a cup of well-executed cappuccino. This is probably the best world-class feast from a Two-starred Michelin Chef.

Bread Basket

Plain Butter, Citrus Butter, Chili Butter

Tomato Herb Brioche

Mini French Baguette

Perle Coulante Petit Pois et Menthe Fraiche Sorbet aux Herbes

Green Pea & Fresh Mint Liquid Pearl Garden Herb Sherbet

Carpaccio d’omble Chevalier Marine aux Agrumes, Herbes et Fleurs Sorbet Sudashi

Arctic Char Fish Carpaccio Marinated with Citrus, Herbs, Seasonal Flowers & Sudashi Sherbet

Foie Gras de Canard aux Pommes Granny Smith, Jus de Pommes et Celeris Glace

Foie Gras Terrine with Granny Smith Apple, Served with Iced Apple-celery Juice

Bar Confit Dans un Bouillon de Foin, Ecarasee de Pommes de lerre aux Truffles, Jus de Viande

Sea Bass Poached in Hay Stock with Potato, Black Truffles & Veal Jus

Poitrine de Pigeon de Racan Cuit au Sautoir, FIne Tartelette d’abatis en Croute d’herbes Jardin de Carottes

Roasted Racan Pigeon Breast Served with Herb-crusted Giblet Tart & Carrot Garden

Macaroon Mont Blanc, Chataigne, Creme au Vieux Rhum Coulis Cassis
白朗峰馬卡龍配栗子, 陳年冧酒忌廉及黑加侖子醬

Mont Blanc Macaron, Chestnut, Old Rum-flavored Cream & Blackcurrant Coulis
白朗峰馬卡龍配栗子, 陳年冧酒忌廉及黑加侖子醬

Petits Fours

Perie Coulant Fruits Rouges, Madeleines a la Reglisse, Tartelettes Citron Meringues
紅莓意大利餃, 歇亞甘草馬德琳蛋糕及蛋白檸檬撻

Red Berry Ravioli, Licorice Madeleines, Lemon Tart with Meringue
紅莓意大利餃, 歇亞甘草馬德琳蛋糕及蛋白檸檬撻

Red Berry Ravioli


Vida Rica Restaurant
Address: 2/F, Mandarin Oriental, Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau
Telephone: +853 8805 8918
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-22:30


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