FRITES Belgium on Tap – Belgium Beer House

Entering FRITES’s new location at Causeway Bay, the restaurant is set like a modern bistro, with 2 projector screen, a busy open kitchen and a stylish Belgian beer bar where covers large selections of beverages with over 70 varieties, the four genuine Belgian beers on tap. A favourite would be strawberry Hoegaarden in rose pink colour.

At the opening party, while we are having unlimited wines and beers, some of the house signatures and bite-size food are served as canapes. They include lollipop-like salad nicoise with tuna tataki, creamy salmon tartare with prawn cracker, given piping hot battered fish & chips, mini burgers and fried camembert balls. Everything tastes equally delicious and fresh from the kitchen, which also introduce us to the restaurant food menu.

During restaurant hours, they offer a comprehensive list of traditional Belgian dishes that come in hearty and large sharing portion.

An adorables starter is a classic steak tartare. The fresh minced trimmings are very creamy and perfectly seasoned with layers of onions, chives, shallots, additionally a runny egg yolk. It goes well beyond with few slices of toasted sourdough.

The signature pot of mussels has a laksa stock base made with coconut cream and lemongrass, forming the most luscious dip for the toasted bread and fries that come alongside. Not to mention the tender and meaty mussels in their triangular shells, all the elements have completed this dish irresistibly.

Last but not the least, we have a roasted pork knuckle that come with absolutely crispy skin and a scrumptious sweet caramelized sauce. Despite the extremely large portion of 750g, it is neither too oily nor heavy because of the generous roasted veggies underneath that have pretty much soaked up all the flavors.

The meal ends with a terrific chocolate fondant. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and biscuit crumbs, the fudgy cake with hot molten center has been perfectly complemented to give the most decadent chocolate pleasure.

All in all, FRITES is the perfect belgian beer house for an authentic Belgian fare in Hong Kong.

FRITES Belgium On Tap

Beer Bar

Rose Hoegaarden

Strawberry Hoegaarden

Salade Nicoise
Seared tuna, artichoke, runner beans, cherry tomato, potato & boiled quail egg

Onion & Goat Cheese Tartlet
Caramelized red onion & sherry vinegar dressing

Roast Chicken
Chicken drumstick, rosemary, radish

Fish & Frites
Sole fillet in a crunchy batter, tartar sauce with frites

Baby Burger
Delicious burger with ground beef, tomato, ketchup, mayo & gruyere cheese on a buttered bun

Salmon Tartare
Cucumber, chives, shallots, gherkin, ginger, cilantro, lime & amarillo

Ham & Cheese
Grilled butter toast with sliced ham & mozzarella cheese

Ham & Cheese Toast

Crumbed & fried risotto ball & mayo

Crumbed & fried cheese ball, pickle

Steak Tartare

With all the trimmings & grilled sourdough

Mussel Pot

Served with mayo

Coconut cream, lemongrass & kaffir lime in an aromatic curry sauce

750 grams Roasted Pork Knuckle
Served with caramelized roasted vegetables

Hot Chocolate Fondant

With vanilla bean ice-cream

FRITES Belgium on Tap
Address: Shop 1, G/F, Park Haven No. 38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2142 5233
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:45-00:00
Website: /

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