Blesscuit Bakery – Baked With Blessing

The new opening of the Blesscuit Bakery happens at Admiralty Lab Concept. Located at the near end to Pacific Place, the shop is colourfully designed with elegant features and sense of contentment.

They devote a vision to bring mental nourishment and well being through their food, cookies in other words, which promised to be the best in town made by a passionate pastry chef.

From their product lines, it is seen that cookies sets and pastry gifts are all named with joy and happiness, while gift cards are also provided to further create blessed affection.

PEACE, includes a variety of cookie flavors, from basic butter, sweet chocolate, toffee, cranberry, green tea to even gold flake truffle, anchovy and smoked ham. The savoury creations are indeed inspiring.

The SWEET SO comes with rose raspberry pastry matched with a stick of rose honey as well as maple butter pastry with maple syrup.

The former one is indeed delicious with additional dried rose powder whereas the latter one is also amazing with its original butteriness.

Probably Blesscuit is a certain for the next catering party.

Cookie Sample

Gift Card

Gift Carb

Orange Cookie, Green Tea Cookie
香橙曲奇, 綠茶曲奇

Blessing Card


Anchovy, Tomato, Smoked Ham, Truffle Cookies
鯷魚曲奇, 番茄曲奇, 煙燻火腿曲奇, 金鑽松露曲奇


Rose Raspberry Pastry, Rose Honey Syrup
紅桑子玫瑰千層酥, 玫瑰蜂蜜醬

Blesscuit Bakery

Blesscuit Bakery
Address: Shop No. A01a, Lab Concept, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2118 3468
Website: /

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