Corner Kitchen Cafe – Red Velvet Birthday

True to its name, Corner Kitchen Cafe is a comfort neighbourhood located right at a corner of Hollywood Road. Serving simple yet sophisticated wholesome food, they are all made in house starting with home cooking and daily fresh ingredients. As simple as wraps, salads, burgers and entrees, there are few choices of good coffees, wines, beers and ciders. Not to mention some of their daily cakes that are displayed appealingly at the counter fridge, provided that some signatures are salted caramel and red velvet cake.

While brunches are served only until noon, such as granola yogurt bowl, breakfast plate and three egg omelette, there are also burgers in three main options of fish, beef and vegetarian, plus a bucket of sweet potato fries that is remarkably sweet with slight crunchiness, comes with a chili mayo dip.

The truly decadent red velvet cake is made with a symphony of toasted marshmallow frosting and vanilla sponge cake. Despite I personally find it ultra sweet, it has concluded her birthday with bundle of happiness.

This Hollywood Road cafe is not just a regular brunch spot, but defo a great place to relax in simplicity.

Three eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, toast

Veggie Fritter Burger
Tofu sauce, watercress, side of fries

Juicy Beef Burger
Strip of bacon, caramelized onions, cheese, lettuce, tomato, side of fries

Bucket of Sweet Potato Fries

Chili Mayo Dip

Red Velvet Cake

Marshmallow Icing

Iced Chocolate
Soy milk

Corner Kitchen Cafe
Address: 226 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2547 8008
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 ; Sat-Sun 09:30-18:00
Website: /


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