Tsukemen TETSU つけめん TETSU – Hot Stone Style

First opened in 2005, Noodle TETSU expanded with over 16 branches around Japan.

They have been modifying their soup and ramen, who aim to create commodity through satisfaction and customer relations.

Finally today is their launch in Hong Kong. Situated at Canal Road West, the restaurant has a ramen bar and few numbers of table along with very accommodating services.

More than just regular ramen, the menu offers guest with the best taste of tsukemen, which is a cold dipping noodle dish with Japanese ramen and a bowl of thick soup served separately. Optionally, a hot version is also available with noodle served in the hot clear broth.

The Sendagi ramen is set limited to 30 bowls per day. With a fragrant fish broth made with large amount of sardines and dried mackerel, it comes with ramen of medium thickness, thin cut char siu and bamboo shoots.

For a much richer experience, the tsukemen has a thicker pork bone broth with stripe cuts of pork.

It is satisfyingly dense because of the 36 hours simmering process in chicken bones, dried sardines and mackerel fishes. Served hot, I really enjoy the thick cut ramen which is chewable in texture and able to carry the dipping broth thoroughly.

The hot stone is also fun to play with, which liberally just reheated the broth in instant. In addition, their homemade soft boiled egg is unbeatable.

At such moderate price tag, Tsukemen TETSU is a nice addition to the Hong Kong ramen market.

Fried Onion

Sendagi Ramen
千駄木拉麵 (魚介醬油)

Sendagi Ramen

Tsukemen TETSU

沾麵, 熱 あつもり

All-Stars of Topping


Soft-boiled Egg

Hot Stone

Reheating Soup


Tsukemen Tetsu つけめん TETSU 香港店
Address: G/F, 23 Canal Road West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2172 6433
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
Website: https://www.tetsu102.com / https://www.facebook.com/tetsu102hk

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