Ladies & Gentlemen – Cocktail Rambling

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting you the beauty of cocktails.

Situated at the very end of Haven street, here is a Japan-experienced bartender who would make very nice Japanese inspired cocktails. They offer a list on the menu and signature in preparing omakase, which is basically an idea of tailor making cocktails based on customer preference or personality.

At the mini drinking bar, mainly with Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka and Whisky, we are served with a few restaurant creations as well as an omakase cocktail.

The cafe also serves a menu of canapes and desserts that are great to snack on. Including prawn cocktail with mayo dressing on white toasts, cold cut platter with generous rolling of parma ham, chicken meatballs and mini burgers, some ideal options are applewood-smoked fries that comes with a deliciously creamy black truffle mayo, beer battered chicken and no baked mac & cheese of al dente texture.

How about some savory macarons? White truffle, basil & tomato, mushroom & chicken, duck breast and foie gras.

While the Belgian handmade macarons sound indeed strange and unpalatable, there are also frozen lollies serving in coconut mousse with bergamot filling, or rose mousse with strawberry filling.

Finally, I would opt for the omakase at Ladies & Gentlemen!

Tasting Menu

Prawn Salad with Toast

Diced Prawn, Cucumber, Crab Roe, Mayo

Gin, yuzu juice, homemade fennel infused agave mix, peach puree, aromatic bitters

Cold Cut Platter
Parma ham, black pepper salami, smoked eel & cheese

Smoky Fries with Truffle Dip

Truffle Dip

Rum & Violet
Silver rum, lemon juice, violet liqueur, homemade pink & black peppercorn agave mix

Deep Fried Chicken

Chicken Meatballs

Spicy Target
Tequila, yuzu juice, homemade jalapeno pineapple puree, homemade agave mix, aromatic bitters

Mini Burger
Spicy minced pork with egg & wagyu beef hamburger

Mac & Cheese

Tailor made cocktail

Kurobuta Pork Braised Rice

Belgium Handmade Savory Macaron
Foie Gras, White Truffle, Mushroom & Chicken, Basil & Tomato, Duck Breast

Frozen Mousse with Fruity Filling

Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen
Address: G/F, 31 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3956 4282
Opening Hours: Tue-Thur 12:30-00:00 ; Fri-Sat 12:00-01:00 ; Sun 12:30-00:00

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