The Grand JOYCE x Ms B’s Cakery – A Pink Christmas

Upon the Christmas holiday season, the renowned Ms B’s Cakery and the Grand JOYCE is opening their doors to welcome the celebration of a Pink Christmas.

During 17 November – 26 December 2015, an in-store pop-up will showcase a range of traditional French cafe inspired handcrafts featuring Christmas holiday creations of festive cookies including giant snowflakes, Christmas trees and perfume bottles.

A warm welcome from JOYCE has brought us a nice cup of berry-flavored cocktail and a feast for the eyes – Ms B’s signature creme cakes. There are those designed exclusively to JOYCE in the theme of Grand Budapest Hotel and in colour of pink, each and every of them are piped glamorously with pink frosting with the inside made with different premium ingredients.

They are fluffy chocolate, apple New York cheesecake and some loved ones such as heart-warming chestnut meringue, a lighter taste of pear & almond and most refreshing guava with a crunchy bottom.

After all, customers are promised to find the perfect gifts in this Christmas to share a love of “JOY”ce while enjoying these excellent delicacies. You’ll not want to miss any of these!

Welcome Cocktail

Perfume Bottle Cookies

Christmas Tree Cookie

Pretty In Pink
Lollipop (580HKD)

Maison Ms B
Chestnut (720HKD)

Rainbow Gift
Rainbow (480HKD)

Yuzu Butterflies
Yuzu (580HKD)

Pink Christmas Cakes at JOYCE

Pears & Almond, Queen of Chocolate, Guava

Chocolate Chiffon Sponge, Mousse & Cream, Crispy Dark Chocolate Wafer Crust

Chestnut Cream, French Vanilla Chiffon, Champagne Macarons

Pink Guava Chiffon Sponge, Jelly, Mousse & Cream, Crispy White Chocolate Wafer Crust

Cranberry Juice

Ms B’s Cakery
Address: 39 Hough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2815 8303
Website: /

JOYCE Boutique
Address: G/F, New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong
Website: /

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