Oddies – Gough Street Gelateria

Dating a while back, when I was still having the Dr. Oddie at the tiny takeaway shop just of Wan Chai Road, there were no seats or standing area for no more than 3 customers. Recently, the Oddies team has opened a proper gelateria at Gough street with a hip and chic interior that covers not only their big and bold creations of egg waffles, such as dan dan noodle, the signature concoction of eggette with chocolate soft serve – Night Wolf, but also cakes, cookies, meringue drops and of course, homemade Italian gelato.

At the counter fridge, there are a wide selection of flavors that one could barely imagine. Thinks like hazelnut with white chocolate potato chips, peanut butter with concord grape jelly and strawberry with balsamic caramel.

While all their gelato are basically of wonderful creamy and sticky texture with mix of add ons, my favourites are marsala fig with a milk base and I Lova You with passion fruit and raspberry coulis, colourful meringue toppings.

The burnt fingers is also one of the top three best seller that has a smoky, nutty, crunchy combination of burnt caramel, toasted almond and toffee brittle.

Additionally, they also serve jar-leto, which is gelato in jar that made like trifle.
Tiramisu gelato, layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and chunks of crunchy chocolate rolls; spending extra dollars, you can top it up with Italian soft gelato with original twisted with 66% dark choco.

All in all, one should never resist to try their eggettes because at the instant stepping in to the gelateria, you will notice the street-made aroma already.


Gelato Counter

Oddies Gelateria

Double Scoops

The Fig Mission
Marsala fig, walnut

Harassing Chipmunks
Hazelnut, burnt white chocolate potato chips, toasted hazelnut

Burnt Fingers
Salted caramel, toffee brittle chunks, toasted almond

I Lova You
Milk, crunchy meringue, passionfruit coulis, raspberry coulis

Italian Low Fat Twist Soft Gelato
Tiramisu Gelato, Lady Fingers Lightly Soaked with Coffee Syrup, Chocolate Roll

Oddies Gelateria
Address: G/F, 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2750 2111
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 13:00-22:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/oddiesfoodies

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