Cafe Voyage 遊。咖啡 – Coffee Traveller

Travel, photography and coffee. The three elements that bring this hidden coffee shop to live in Macau.

Entering the newer branch holding two storeys at Rua Do Padre Antonio Roliz, it is set with wooden furnitures, a coffee counter and furnished with different pieces of photography, reflecting series of people’s lives and cultures.

The cafe offers a great list of Taiwanese drinks and herbal teas, freshly made waffles, homemade sweet treats and contemporary savouries.

We did not like the baked potatoes that come with the beef rib. As expecting it to be traditionally baked as whole, they are instead potato wedges soaked in tasteless cream.

Fortunately, the matcha souffle impresses so well for its fluffy texture and steaming hot temperature. The presentation is something worth noting for with the cold vanilla ice cream as a delightful complement.

Another thing to try will be a matcha soft serve, opted for red bean topping.
The soft ice cream is done very creamy and not icy, given the matcha flavor is not too overpowering.

After all, Cafe Voyage is definitely a hit spot to savor the best coffee and treats.

Cafe Voyage

Beef Ribs

Souffle with Ice-cream (Matcha)
梳乎厘配雪糕 (抹茶味)

Matcha Souffle

Matcha Soft Ice-cream

Matcha Soft Serve with Red Bean
宇治抹茶霜淇淋, 紅豆

Green Milk Tea with Jasmine Aroma

Buckwheat & Black Beans Matcha Tea

Cafe Voyage 遊。咖啡
Address: 澳門羅神父街31-A寶美安大廈地下D舖
Telephone: 6208 9023
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30

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