Shanghai Magic 上海魅影 – Magical Destination

Located next to the House of Magic at Studio City Macau, Shanghai Magic is the new restaurant taking immersive magics to live by demonstrating premium Shanghainese cuisine.
While the interior is filled with features from the world of illusion, servers are giving numerous surprises and tricks who wear their hearts upon the sleeves.

Upon ordering our food, we have a gastronomic delight of watermelon juice with pop rocks as complementary amuse bouche.

Some signatures are the minced duck with crunchy diced veggies stuffed within crispy sesame pockets.
The bed of egg white is silky and smooth, more authentically garnished with three generous serving of sea urchin and some crab meats.

A stir fried egg white with conpoy also catches a lot of diners’ eyes around the table. It is composed of a tasteful mixture of fish maw, bean sprouts, crab meat and scrambled egg that is surrounded by slightly burnt souffle mountain.

For a sweet completion, their version of mango sago pudding is served through an aesthetic presentation, garnished with freeze dried raspberries, cookie crumbs and a scoop of spectacular coconut sugar gelato.

Some petit fours including house made milk tea and kiwi sorbet are also given in addition to a block of mini treats, where we are impressed by the durian macaron and semi-sweet chocolate cake.

This is truly a unique experience and perfect complement to the magic show.

Shanghai Magic

Amuse Bouche

Watermelon Juice with Pop Rocks

Shanghainese Style Soy Marinated Cod Fish

Soy Marinated Cod Fish

Stir-fried Minced Duck & Soy Sprouts Served on Northern Style Sesame Pastry

Stir-fried Egg White with Conpoy & Chives

Conpoy, Chives, Egg, Crabmeat
瑤柱, 韭黃, 炒蛋, 蟹肉

Stir-fried Egg White with Sea Urchin & Diced Fish

Mango & Coconut Milk Sago Pudding with Palm Sugar Ice Cream

Mango & Coconut Milk, Pudding, Sago, Palm Sugar Ice Cream, Marshmallow, Cookie Crumbs
芒果椰汁布甸,西米, 椰糖雪糕, 棉花糖, 曲奇碎

Petit Fours: Milk Tea Sorbet, Kiwi Sorbet
餐後甜點: 奶茶雪芭, 奇異果雪芭

Durian Macaron, Chocolate Cake, Almond Candy, Orange Peel Gum Candy
榴槤馬卡龍, 朱古力蛋糕, 杏仁糖, 陳皮軟糖

Shanghai Magic 上海魅影
Address: Shop 2110, Level 2, The Boulevard at Studio City, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau
Telephone: +853 8865 6620
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30:15:00, 17:30-23:00

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