The Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge – Chocolate Paradise

Besides the new favorite Chinese eatery Lai Heen, the Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge is a leisurely exquisite bar located at 51st floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Macau. It is a seamless blend of natural sunlight, elegant furnitures and livening bars, where provides classic house blended cocktails, signature gins and tonic, Asian tapas as well as the not-so-familiar afternoon tea.

There are neither live bands nor parties happening in the afternoon session, our experience is nonetheless marked with impressive service that has been very much appreciated for their politeness, attentiveness and how they do their best to fulfill all my requests.
For instance, I wanted to get a renowned hot chocolate drink that is supposed to be served only from the Ritz-Carlton Cafe.
They considerably asked the cafe to prepare and bring one up to us, whom are nicely seated at comfy sofa with some complementary nibbles of bar snacks.

The non alcoholic mocktail is unpretentiously refreshing with white peach flavored with rose and thyme, which is actually lemonade based.

At first, a regular hot chocolate was mistakenly served, it’s yet so soothing to the palate with very amazing semi-sweetness, along with an additional pot of hot milk on the side.

A top notch is undoubtedly the signature Valrhona chocolate that impresses with an astonishing thick and creaminess, topped with French whipped cream and shaved chocolate as a delightful garnish.

For a complete chocolate pleasure, indulge in the remarkable Ritz Carlton chocolate cake. Composed of triple chocolate sponge cakes in between two thick layers of chocolate ganache, which is further covered by more chocolate with a touch of orange scent.

I promise it is one of the best serene place for daytime dining and nighttime partying.

The Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge

The Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge Menu

Mini Bar Snacks

Purple Potato Chips, Potato Chips, Roasted Cashew

Rosita Peach
White peach, thyme, rose, green apple, lemonade

Regular Hot Chocolate

Le Chocolat Chaud du Cafe

Whipped French Cream

Shaved Dark Chocolate

Signature Valrhona Hot Chocolate

The Ritz-Carlton Cake

The Ritz-Carlton Chocolate Cake

Double Chocolate Ganache

The Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge
Address: 51/F, The Ritz Carlton, Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía da Nossa Senhora da Esperança, s/n, Cotai, Macau
Telephone: +853 8886 6868
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 10:00-01:00 ; Fri-Sat 10:00-02:00
Website: /

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