Two Plus – Best Hanwoo Beef

Two Plus is a Korean barbecue restaurant representing 1++ grade of Korean Hanwoo beef.

The Itaewon branch is located just under the Burger King, where you take exit 1 from MTR station and go straight for 200 meters.

Pride of their high ranking beef, the menu covers a shortlist of different parts of beef from striploin, tenderloin, chops, brisket and raw tartare. There are also some bibimbap, cold buckwheat noodles and some more typical staples. In addition to a free corkage fee, they hence become an extremely popular chic spot among Korean.

A 2 servings of striploin is wonderfully marbled and thick cut. Its quality is absolutely spot on with just a little coarse salt for seasoning. We ask the waitress to demonstrate cooking it over the wood charcoal grill.
After a few nibbles on pickles and side dishes, we also enjoy the bulgogi and a hot noodle cooked in Korean spicy soup.

This is probably the best thick cut Hanwoo beef you can get in Korea.

Two Plus Restaurant

Soybean Paste, Coarse Salt, Raw Garlic

Kimchi, Pickled Onion, Cabbage

Aged Striploin

Grilling Aged Striploin

Grilled Aged Striploin



Hangover Hot Noodle

Glass Water Bottle

Two Plus 이태원 투뿔등심
Address: B1F Twoppul, 124-15, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul-si, Korea
Telephone: 02-796-7277
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-22:00

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