Jung Sik Dang – Korean Gastronomy

There hasn’t been much molecular Korean food, but being one of the top 50 bests in Asia, Jung Sik Dang is surely the one and only best in Seoul near Gangnam-gu.

Demonstrating a hybrid of modern and contemporary Korean dishes, this new Korean fine dining restaurant offers unique and upscale cuisine that features both on Korean and international interpretation.

Taking extra credit from the branch in New York, Jungsik at Seoul doesn’t disappoint us for the ultra-modern creations.

Started from the tenderly grilled beef skewer, clams flavored with sweet and spicy elements and separately served sabayon and salmon mousse in crispy wonton cone; the amuse bouche are equally sampled in bite-size.

The lunch menu covers several options like 4 to 5 courses set, tasting menu and a list of wine. From appetizer to land or sea, everything is visually pleasing and enjoyable.

The serve-yourself yellowtail tartare is unexpectedly refreshing that reminds me of the scallop sashimi from Ichi Kaikiya in SFO, though the poached egg dish really stands out for the intense truffle parmesan flavor.

The rice menu is basically a bibimbap dish that has been given high-end presentation.
Both the raw beef and sea urchin are very impressive especially when the former one is seasoned with strong perilla oil and latter one has generous slab of creamy uni and crunchy fried millets.

I would recommend duck and ok dom for the mains. The Duck2015 is seared perfectly fine with crispy skin, succulent and juicy with pinkish interior, not to mention its yuzu sauce that has enlightened the oiliness.
Likewise, the Ok Dom is an excellent piece of flaky fish with its skin interestingly filleted.

The most looking forward part of the meal is definitely the sweets.

While the make your own dessert is essentially just two scoops of milk and Nutella ice cream to top with your own favorite toppings, the green tea mousse is certainly worth trying because it is shaped like a traditional Korean Stone Grandpa, which symbolizes protection and fertility, smothered in black sesame butter, garnished with delectable sesame charcoal sponge cake, cookie crumbles and milk sherbet.

Last but not the least, I love the hazelnut chocolate crunch more than the coconut sable, aka French shortbread cookie, from our petit fours.

I am glad we made it here for lunch to savor such a top notch, memorable and prominent Korean cuisine. It is definitely worthwhile.

Jung Sik


Korean Utensils

Amuse Bouche

Savory Sabayon, Salmon Mousse

Sabayon with Diced Vegetable

Sweet Soy Glazed Potato

Korean Chili Clam on Rice Paper

Soy Marinated Rice with Korean Soybean Paste

Korean Beef, Melted Cheese, Pickled Cabbage, Fried Rice Cake


Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail, Yuzu, Grated Onion, Avocado, Seaweed Crisp

Truffle Egg

Parmesan Foam

Raw beef, perilla oil

Sea Urchin
Fried millet

Baby Octopus
Clam soup


Spicy oil

Ok Dom
Ginger salsa

Duck 2015

Duck Fillet


Green Tea Mousse
Sesame charcoal sponge cake, cookie crumbs, milk sherbet

Sweet Gujeolpan
Caramel, Brownie, berries compote, meringue, almond, pistachio, chocolate nibble

Make Your Own
Milk, Nutella Ice Cream

Petit Fours
Coconut sable, hazelnut chocolate crunch

Herbal Tea & Coffee Selection

Mint Tea

Address: 83-24 Cheongdam, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
Telephone: +82 2 517 4654
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 17:30-22:00
Website: http://www.jungsik.kr

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