Seoul 101 – Nomz Food List

Here is a collection of street food and must try taken from my last year and this year trip to Seoul that also include a one-day tour to Nami Island.

My favourites are the popular honey cinnamon pancake and steamed egg bun, whereas the 32 cm long soft serve and frozen yogurt taiyaki, which are found at Myeong-dong and Hongdae, are great as some cold treats.

Commonly served at Korean dessert cafes, such as BeansBins, Caffe Bene and Homestead Coffee, the thick Belgium waffles topped with sweet strawberries and apple cinnamon respectively are simply amazing!

Some traditional Korean rice cakes with modern flavors such as purple sweet potato, black sesame, sweet pumpkin, are made very delicate and chewy, naturally sweetened with healthy ingredients containing black beans and red dates, and the most certain choice would be the honey glutinous rice cake stuffed with honey walnut paste and coated with a dusting of soybean powder.

Bookmark this list and try them in Seoul!

GyeRan Bbang
Egg Muffin


32cm Soft Serve Ice Cream

Fish bread with custard, plain frozen yogurt, chocolate drizzle, nuts & chocolate dipped fruit kebab

Steamed Bread

Steamed Red Bean Bread

Snowman Pancake

Honey Cinnamon Pancake

Strawberry Waffle

Belgium Waffle

Apple Cinnamon Waffle

Ice Cream From Convenient Store

Pear Jam Rice Cake

Glutinous Rice Cake (Violet Sweet Potato)
紫色甘薯糯米糕 (紫芋餅)

Glutinous Rice Cake (Mugwort)

Honey Glutinous Rice Cake


Nami Island

BeansBins Coffee 빈스빈스커피
Website: /

Bizeun 빚은

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