Food Wars Asia – The Dim Sum Battle!

Food Wars Asia is an original web-series on Food Network.
Hosted by a Food Hero winner Debbie Wong, she is well known for her youtube channel, who runs series of cooking demonstrations, sharing new food exposure and culinary inspirations.

As this food battle returns with a new establishment in Asia, it puts Asian countries’ most famous dishes to rival against one another, such as Singaporean’s fish ball noodles, Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak, Philipino Kare Kare and Indonesian Nasi Padang.

Today, we are invited to join the “secret” Hong Kong episode that takes place at Umami Concept.
The kitchen studio is very private, spacious and interactive, which makes it a great place for food-focused gathering and events.

The showdown aims to discover some of the best in Hong Kong, a competition between traditional and modern dim sum created by Prince Restaurant (王子飯店) and Tak Lung Restaurant (得龍大飯店).

The traditional spring roll has more votes than the apple pie version as it has a very plump and crunchy filling of shrimp paste and diced water chestnut.

We are surprised by the huge steamed truffle buns that has a super fluffy bao due to the use of natural yeast “tang chong”, and the assorted mushroom stuffing is simply delicious.

Chef has also prepared a very authentic dish, directly translated as “golden coin chicken“.
It is a traditional combination of chicken liver, char siu, thinly sliced ginger and a piece of fat.

Finally, the event is rounded off with some Indonesian inspired food prepared by Umami Concepts, including Gado-gado with beetroot chips and soft boiled egg, chicken satay and curry pork belly.

Traditional Spring Roll

Cinnamon Apple Spring Roll

Chinese Sausages

Chinese Sausage Roll

Mushroom Bun Dough

White Truffle Bun

Mushroom Filling

Chicken Liver & Barbecue Pork

Baked Chicken Liver & Pork Roll

Chicken liver, barbecue pork, ginger, pork fat
雞肝, 半肥瘦叉燒, 薑, 冰肉


Green Papaya Salad

Chicken Satay

Food Network

Umami Concept
Address: 35 Bonham Road, Mid Levels, Hong Kong
Telephone: 9449 0020
Opening Hours: By Appointment
Website: /

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