ORIGIN – Bubble Duck Bath Tub

Origin, the fourth hip bar by the Tastings Group, is a project of gin specialization sister to Quinary bar.
With about twelve homemade gin infusions, that includes lemon, pandan, earl grey, cucumber and even ginseng, these flavors are redistilled into gin to produce some of the amazing cocktail creations that have been incorporated with various molecular techniques to deliver drinkers with excitement and surprises.

Some signature cocktails include a “Super Lemon”, made with lemon infused gin and topped with a refreshing scoop of lemon sorbet;”What – To Fu?!”, a tofu milkshake that is served in a wooden cup and interestingly prepared with a dash of dehydrated pineapple to mimic brown sugar on top of actual tofu pudding.

Whilst the bestseller would be “Kyoho Grape Bathtub”, a bubble bath tub with a rubber duckie on the side, it is flavored with grape juice and has molecular caviar at the bottom that would instantly pop in the mouth.

Given that it is helmed by award winning mixologist, set with a cute long bath-tub bar and beating soundtrack, Origin is a great place to hit up and chill for a happy hour night with friends.


Bar Snack

Super Lemon
Slow-cooked lemon gin, lemon sorbet topped with soda, garnished with a Super Lemon candy

Tofu redistilled gin, tofu milkshake, Jax Coco water, Domine de Canton, syrup

What – To Fu?!

Kyoho Grape Bathtub
Kyoho grapes martini served in a special tea bubble bath, gin, Cointreau, Kyoho liqueur, lemon & lime juice, grape juice, elderflower syrup. A bestseller at Origin.

Address: G/F, 48 Wyndham Street Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2668 5583
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 17:00-01:00 ; Fri-Sat 17:00-02:00
Website: http://originbar.hk / http://facebook.com/originhk

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