Shanghai Lo 上海佬蟹莊 – Crab Kitchen Feast

Renaming itself as a “Crab Kitchen”, Shanghai Lo in Wanchai is introducing a new focus of their Shanghainese menu with a variety of crab dishes sourced from around the world.

Other than regular and contemporary Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisines, the extensive crab tasting menu has richly showcased some of the best crab specialties created by executive chef Cheung Kam Wah, who is a veteran of Pang’s Kitchen, a Michelin star restaurant, and Royal Garden Hotel.

A warm welcome starts with the signature appetizer plate, which includes eggplant with diced preserved egg, crab meat croquette, Huadiao chicken and a lovely caviar smoked egg.

The chilled crab claw jelly is notably delightful when dipped in sweetened Zhenjiang vinegar.

Follow by the fresh crab soup served stylishly in a Chinese teapot. The clear broth is long-boiled with thunder crab, aka stone crab or local bread crab; with a truly outstanding flavor.

As the menu extends to some Chinese specialties such as wagyu beef rolled in fried rice paper and deep fried chicken with desiccated coconut, we are pampered with more selected crabs cooked in different methods.

There are steamed red crab in egg yolk, Huadiao and chicken oil, Taiwanese style mud crab and a hearty bowl of water crab congee to complete the table.

To finish, the Shanghai Lo dessert platter is indeed a feast for the eyes. From sesame dumplings, osmanthus pudding and egg white balls with custard filling to red bean pastry, everything has been made delicately fine and tasty in addition to a bowl of sweet ginger soup that comes with purple sweet potato crystal dumplings.

Offering for a year round, this special crab menu can surely fulfill all crab-lovers!

Shanghai Lo

Signature Platter

Smoked Duck Egg with Caviar, Marinated Chicken with Huadiao Wine, Crispy Crab Cakes with Mashed Potato, Chilled Mini Eggplants Jelly with Preserved Egg
黑魚子燻蛋, 花雕酒醉雞, 金絲蟹餠, 皮蛋茄子凍

Chilled Crab Claw Jelly

Local Bread Crab

Signature Fresh Crab Soup in Teapot

Signature Fresh Crab Soup in Teapot

Deep-fried Beef Rolls with Homemade Spicy Sauce

Crispy Signature Chicken with Coconut Flavor

Mini Crab

Steamed Red Crab with Huadiao & Chicken Oil

Steamed Red Crab with Huadiao & Chicken Oil

Steamed Red Crab Claw

Baked Green Crab with Ginger, Spring Onions & Basil in Casserole

Braised Pea Sprouts in Broth

Crab Congee

Water Crab

Purple Sweet Potato Crystal Dumplings in Ginger Soup

Shanghai Lo Dessert Platter
Grapefruit Osmanthus Jelly, Egg White Balls Filled with Custard, Sesame Dumplings Rolled with Soy Bean Powder, Red Bean Paste Pastry
柚子桂花糕, 高力流沙, 擂沙湯丸, 豆沙鍋餠

Egg White Balls Filled with Custard

Sesame Dumplings

Two Girls Brand Florida Water Towelette

Shanghai Lo 上海佬蟹莊
Address: 1/F, The Tonno, 5 Tonnochy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3125-3232
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:30
Website: /

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