The Pawn – Dinner with Tom Aikens

The re-opening of The Pawn has introduced an exciting menu in collaboration with celebrated chef, Tom Aikens, who already has a few restaurants in Hong Kong such as The Fat Pig.

The “new” Pawn is housed at a 18th century Hong Kong iconic building, a unique space of the Woo Cheong pawnshop where is transformed into a restaurant & bar, consists of three floors, the ‘Botanicals’ bar, the ‘Kitchen’ and the rooftop ‘Farm’.

Known for its colonial style and classic British fare, the menu offers a balance between serving high end food and adding local twist to the dishes.

It is delightful to be invited to this special evening with Tom Aiken, who has prepared us a special dinner menu. It pre-starts with legendary foie gras mousse covered with white wine jelly, infused with a touch of earl grey, and along with smoked duck breast and pickled artichoke.

The piece of dory fish fillet is incredibly moist and flaky, which also comes with spicy horseradish and some fermented turnip.

Our main is followed by a succulent whey-brined chicken and therefore juicy and tender, packed fully with its own flavor and also has decent thick piece of sweet roasted leek and creamy chestnut white sauce on the side.

Including or not a glass of wine, our special evening is concluded by beautiful plate of orange parfait consists of sorbet, mousse, jelly strips, jam and pomegranate seeds. The ingredients actually compliment each other so well without any expectation.

Literally, the food has been at good consistency and quality; provided a promisingly modern and large-scale spaces, for sure The Pawn is worth all the wait.

Tom Aikens Dinner

Earl Grey Tea Infused Foie Gras, Pickled Jerusalem Artichoke

Foie Gras, Pickled Artichoke

Poached John Dory Fillet, Fermented Turnip, Horseradish

John Dory Fillet

Whey-brined Chicken, Roast Leek, Chestnut Veloute

Orange Parfait, Confit Pomegranate Soup

Orange Jelly Strips, Jam, Pomegranate Seeds

Orange Sorbet, Orange Mousse, Caramel Candy

Pineapple Lavender Fizz
Lavender, elderberry, fresh pineapple juice & Singha soda water

Cocktails from The Botanicals

The Kitchen

The Pawn by Tom Aikens
Address: 2/F Kitchen, The Pawn, 62 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2866 3444
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-01:00 ; Sat-Sun 11:00-01:00
Website: /

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