DK Cuppa Tea – Spring Symphony

As Chinese New Year is on its way, you might want to keep your well-being needs in mind.

DK Cuppa Tea is a hidden urban oasis at Sheung Wan to relax and dive in organic teas, coffees, bites and sweet treats, where also prepares dreamy and heartfelt afternoon tea sets, such as the “Spring Symphony”, for you and your Valentines to enjoy and revitalize a romantic afternoon.

Marked by the fascinating design of a Ferris wheel with blossoming preserved fresh flowers, it begins with wide selection of savories presented as flowerpot composed of parma ham, wasabi scallop, shrimp and tuna salad mini conescrispy salmon puff pastry, alongside some naturally yeasted English scones.

An array of exquisite desserts are also gorgeously displayed such as cupcakes piped with Korean floral lavender and decorated with edible flowers, refreshing yuzu cheesecake, as well as some lovely heart-shaped macarons and chocolates.

Moving on to more technically Japanese pressed cookies, the set is followed with a purple sweet potato ice cream that is based using rich Hokkaido milk. It is very creamy and delightful.

We enjoyed much on the cup of iced rose garden cocktail, which is essentially a non-alcoholic rose honey with soda.

Given this place is solely owned by DK Aromatherapy, the afternoon tea lasts with five magic cards leading to some unique essential oils and their functions written for picks. These several natural based oils will definitely suit everyone.

Finally, we are presented with a mystically gorgeous blue eye necklace containing “Fascination” perfume. So pick a date and sweeten this Valentine’s Day with all these workshops and delicacies through an orchestrating trip. It is also available at DK Aromatherapy in Soho.

Rose Garden Soda

Preserved Fresh Flower Gift Box

Mystic Blue Eye Necklace, “Fascination” Perfume
藍眼護身符頸鏈, 魅力香水

Spring Symphony Afternoon Tea

Flowerpot of Parma Ham, Wasabi Scallop, Shrimp Salad & Tuna Salad
花盆造型鹹點; 巴馬火腿, 山葵帶子, 蝦沙津, 呑拿魚沙津

Salmon Puff Pastry

Yuzu Cheesecake

Korean Floral Lavender Cupcakes, Yuzu Cupcake with Edible Flower
韓式花瓣薰衣草 Cupcake, 食用鮮花瓣柚子 Cupcake

Heart-shaped Macarons

Lavender Japanese-pressed Flower Cookies

Purple Sweet Potato Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

Earl Grey Ice Cream

Earl Grey Ice Cream

Truffle Cream Lavender Latte

Lavender Latte, Truffle-infused Coconut Cream, Sprinkle of Real Lavender
意大利松露椰子忌廉, 薰衣草拿鐵

Five Magic Cards

DK Cuppa Tea
Address: G/F, 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2386 3588
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-20:30
Website: /

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