Hong Kong Lao Shanghai Restaurant 老上海飯店 – Old Shanghai

Lao Shanghai is one of those old Shanghainese restaurants formerly known as Lao Ching Shing. It used to be the only guarantee place where people to look for superior hairy crab cuisines, and some definite, authentic and impeccable Shanghai dishes.

Settled in a relatively spacious and no fuss environment at the basement of Novotel Century hotel, we are seated in a private room with mini nibbles such as salted peanut and pickled radish.

The dapper and professional waiter suggests to start with an exceptionally appetizing platter, composed of runny smoked egg, spicy smoked fish, freshly braised spareribs and beancurd rolls.

Followed by a pre-order shark fin soup, it is filled with generous crab roe and meat, which is thickened fairly perfect with cornstarch slurry.

The stir-fried mandarin fish fillet is also pure to taste and light as compare to the braised pork knuckle that is particularly tender, braised in rich gravy and truly decadent.

A Shanghainese meal is not complete until we have a few quality dim sum.

The scallion pancake is a staple here, which is undeniably flavorsome with a nice toasty crust and delicious scallion filling the soft dough. I didn’t have the chance to try pan-fried pork bun but I can tell it is perfectly seared at the bottom, and is told about the soupy and palatable filling.

Of course, toffee banana is my most loved dessert of the night. Hot and soft banana coasted with fantastic caramel sugar, the waitress immediately toss and turn them in ice cold soda water. It is just as amazing as always.
The two sweet soups including white fungus with lotus seed and mini dumplings are also a great match to finalize our CNY family dinner.

For their professional and quality home-cook skills, Lao Shanghai should be the definite restaurant to savor true Shanghainese fair.

Lao Shanghai

Assorted Cold Cuts
Smoked Egg, Spiced Smoked Fish, “Su Zhou” Braised Pork, Plain Goose (Bean Curd Roll)
燻蛋, 燻魚, 蘇州醬汁肉, 素鵝

Smoked Egg

Freshwater Crab Meat Fin Soup

Freshwater Crab Meat Fin Soup

Crab Roe, Crab Meat, Shark Fin
蟹粉, 蟹肉, 魚翅

Fried Shredded Mandarin Perch Meat with Celery

Braised Leg of Pork

Fried Bean Young Leaflet

Fried Minced Pork Pow

Fried Green Onion Cake

Green Onion Cake

Ice Cold Soda Water, Caramel Coating
冰蘇打水, 焦糖

Toffee Banana

Caramel, Banana
焦糖, 香蕉

Sweet Wine Lees & Pills in Soup

Mini Dumplings

White Mushroom & Lotus Seeds in Soup

Hong Kong Lao Shanghai Restaurant 老上海飯店
Address: 1st Basement, Novotel Century Hong Kong, 238 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2827 9339
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00

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