SALT RECIPES – Natural Salt Cooking

There are a lot of new restaurants at the new flagship YOHO Mall shopping complex, such as Modern Shanghai, An Nam and this brand new Scandinavian concept restaurant – Salt Recipes.

Operated by designer group Homeless, Salt Recipes has an atmosphere dominated by a landscape of the YOHO midtown, laid back decor and relaxing vibe. It emphasis on natural and healthy cooking inspired by five Nordic countries, that include Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, to interpret some lifestyle seafood dishes with a signature flavoring using the pure sea salt.

For the Chinese New Year holiday season, a brunch menu is offered with some basic treats and daily chef’s selections.

There are minestrone soup and guava green salad that is pretty light and under seasoned.

The fish and chips is a better main dish because it is made with two kinds of fish, which are both batter fried to crisp and seasoned skillfully with fresh dill.
The generous serving of fries are also impressive that comes with a mix of sweet potato and yukon gold potato.

Nonetheless, we are not so fancy about the open sandwich with basil pesto and overly mayo-dressed mini prawns, still the bread is toasted with a few nicely chopped walnut.

Unfortunately, the sets do not include any desserts or their homemade ice pops. But we are recommended with a berry mocktail and lemonade, which are both absolutely refreshing.

All in all, I am not certain about the restaurant services, and it is surely not the best choice in YOHO Mall.

Brunch Menu, Black Pepper

Soup Of The Day
Minestrone Soup

Chef’s Salad
Guava & Mixed Nuts Salad

Beer Battered Fish & Fries

Seabass & Seabeam, Tartare Sauce
鱸魚, 鯛魚, 他他醬

Open Sandwich with Plaice, Prawns & Basil Dressing
鰈魚, 蝦, 羅勒醬三明治

Mix Berries Refresh
Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, lime
士多啤梨, 藍莓, 紅桑子, 青檸

Rosemary Lemonade
Lemon, rosemary, lime
檸檬, 迷迭香, 青檸

Raspberry, Blueberry Ice Cube
紅桑子, 藍莓冰粒


Address: Shop 2042, Yoho mall, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2320 0979
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 15:15-18:00, 18:00-22:00 ; Weekend Brunch 11:00-15:00
Website: /

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