COBO HOUSE – By 2am : dessertbar

“…do you continue the pursuit of your passion or do it just as a hobby,” said Janice Wong, the two-time winner of the Asia’s best pastry chef (Addams, 2015). I am instantly hooked to this sentence when this question has been drilling in my mind for years: Should I chase after my pastry skills and pursue a certificate at Le Cordon Bleu after I graduate?

But first, we should be excited about the soft opening of Cobo House by the Singaporean famous 2am Dessert Bar, where is at Sai Ying Pun set next to a new coffee shop. Which one? Check my next blog post!

Trained by world famous chefs including Thomas Kellar and Pierre Herme, Janice has derived a list of creative desserts putting in her training and artistic presentation, whilst additionally features the savouries dishes with fresh-grown herbs and foreignly in-sourced ingredients.

Introduced with a Thai House mocktail, I know it has been correctly ordered as I really like the highlights of the basil oil drips and spicy ginger juice.

We are impressed with the classy presentation of both foie gras mousse coated with thick layers of chocolate ganache as well as the tapioca cracker that comes with a texture-wise anchovies foam; and the fluffy charcoal mantou is much-loved for its tasty and tenderly slow cooked pulled pork filling.

As soon as we have sampled a list of desserts from the signature Tsujiri matcha tart and Chocolate H2O inspired by dead coral at San Sabasntian coast, I conclude two of my favourites to be Cassis Plum, illustrated with elderflower yogurt foam and yuzu pearls; Popcorn, with passionfruit sorbet and slightly bitter yuzu parfait. A note to remember is the malt ice cream that is served atop the Bailey’s cheesecake.

Their official opening is in mid of March, so let’s just anticipate this artisan dessert bar where pushes the boundaries between sweet and savoury.

Thai House
Thai basil oil, cucumber syrup, ginger juice, pineapple juice, soda

Chocolate Bomb
Chocolate ball, golden Bourbon whiskey, orange peel

Foie Popsicles

Port Wine Foie, Smoked Amaretto, Chocolate Giacage, Lime Zest

Tapioca Crackers

Tapicoa Cracker, Ebi, Nori, Japanese Sesame Served with Warm Anchovies Foam

Faux Bone Marrow
Wagyu beef, soy jelly, radish

Charcoal Plum Mantou
Charcoal plum mantou, slow cooked spiced pork, wasabi mayo, onions, greens from COBO HOUSE garden

Tsujirihei Green Tea Tart
Kyoto green tea, jasmine rice sherbet

Cheese Cake
Bailey’s, passionfruit blanket, malt ice cream

Cassis Plum
Blackcurrant bombe, elderflower yoghurt foam, choya granita, yuzu pearls

Chocolate H2O
65% dark chocolate, Evian, salted caramel, Kochi yuzu sorbet

Purple potato puree, blackberry parfait, leather, lavender marshmallows


Yuzu Parfait, Passionfruit Sorbet

Sweet & Salted Popcorn

COBO HOUSE by 2am: dessertbar
Address: G/F & 1/F, 8-12 South Lane, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2656 3088
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 17:00-00:00
Website: /


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