Bread & Beast – My Favourite Sandwich Spot

I love this place, a gourmet sandwich place with a semi-al fresco setting, relaxing area and breezy vibes. Bread & Beast is set at the east side of Swatow Street, where serves some lunchtime staple that are far more than just decent sandwiches.

Their artisanal loaves are filled with all delicious meats such as their debut, Unporchettable, a pork roll, Yu Banh Mi, a battered fish, and Kentucky-san, also a batter-fried chicken with pickled ginger.

My favourite is surely the Ngau Lam sandwich packed with chu hou mayonnaise and crisp daikon, borrowing the flavor and tenderness of braised beef brisket that is commonly found at Hong Kong local noodle shops.

A combo set also comes with your choice of sides, either salad, fries or chip.
The lotus root chips is an intriguing one that has been drizzled with fermented beancurd mayonnaise, whereas the lennon fries is so inventively made to resemble the excellent flavor of okonomiyaki, completed with an intriguing onsen egg.

Their house-made lemonade is also a thing to recognize as it is rarely seen to be using freshly squeezed lemon juice.

All in all, this nice-looking spot is definitely a breakthrough compare to elsewhere for your grab-and-go sandwiches!

Bread & Beast

Ngau Lam Wich
12 hour slow cooked beef brisket, chu hao mayo, spring onion, pickled daikon

Kentucky San
Krispy fried chicken, curry kewpie mayo, white cabbage, pickled ginger

Lotus Root Chips

Fresh Cut Lotus Root, Fu Yue Mayo, Spring Onions

Lennon Fries

Fresh Cut Potatoes, Okonomiyaki sauce, Bonito Flakes & Nori, Kewpie Mayo, 63 Degree Egg

Le Monade
Homemade with freshly squeezed lemons

Bread & Beast
Address: G/F 3 Swatow Street Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 9120 6869
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-20:30 ; Sat 10:00-20:00
Website: /

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