MOYO – K-Fusion Tapas

Korean fried chicken, kimchi, rice cake, there have been a lot more K-flavors going around at MOYO Foodie club event tonight. Home to a group of Korean young mans who grew up in Italy with close-knit friendship, they brought together some intriguing Korean fusions Italian cuisines at MOYO.

Six to seven variety of tapas offered from the Italian Korean inspired menu look very unassumingly unique and unusual such as sweet potato and taro chips dressed with sweet honey garlic butter sauce, which is particularly addicting, and the tomato bruschetta with a twist of spicy kimchi.

Naturally sweet corn on cob grilled with black pepper and on top served with creamy ricotta, it is certainly the favourite of all.

The Korean fried chicken are also very substantially made in bite size pieces, moist and tender boneless chicken covered with a popcorn coating. The dish pairs with four selective dips, salt and pepper, honey mustard, barbecue, sweet and spicy sauce, but truth to be told the marinate on its own is already the tasteful gochujang spicy sauce.

Desserts are not plentifully served here so we are given more exciting choices of free flow Korean soju and sake.

Final verdict, consider MOYO as a catchy space that serves the perfect sharing food, it is indeed very welcoming to all around PMQ location.



Market Chips

Sweet Potato & Taro in Honey Garlic Butter Sauce

Kimchi Bruschetta
Toasted bread, fresh tomatoes, kimchi, olive oil

Sweet Corn
Ricotta cheese, black pepper, parsley, Korean chili

KFC – Korean Fried Chicken
Boneless crispy fried chicken with 4 different sauces

Fresh Makgeolli
Kooksoondang, S.Korea 6%

Address: G/F, 36 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2858 2777
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 18:00-22:45

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