SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋 – Japanese Ice House

A while ago I have had several Korean shaved ices such as that at Bingo & Cook dessert cafe and Hanbing. They are nothing comparable to Japanese premium shaved ice in my opinion because they are usually served very finely with premium syrup and toppings.

At this hidden gem around Haven Street, Shari Shari is found to set as a simple wooden ware house, who is proud of their premium kakigori, Japanese shaved ice, and housemade syrup. From traditional to seasonal flavors, on top of that are some more kawaii wagashi, souffle cake, winter special red bean soup and matcha tea sets.

We are recommended with a typical flavor Uji Toki shaved ice, a combination of matcha syrup, adzuki bean, additionally with shiratama mochi.
Not being a kakigori purist, it is critical to judge if it is traditional at all, but the match syrup is definitely some of the best in town with a classic and strong bitterness, whilst the soft ice is impressively made fluffy and light. Served with a small pitcher of condensed milk on the side.

In comparison, the tiramisu shaved ice is also very fluffy with a generous dusting of coco powder and milk syrup that has been already drizzled. Without a doubt, it is more of a favourite choice here!

I can absolutely tell how authentic this dessert cafe is helmed by the man from Hokkaido.

SHARI SHARI Kakigori House


Milk Syrup, Coffee Cake, Cocoa Powder, Shaved Ice
煉乳, 咖啡蛋糕, 可可粉, 刨冰

Kyoto Uji Kin Toki (Mochi)

Matcha Syrup, Milk Syrup, Red Bean Paste, Shaved Ice
抹茶醬, 煉乳, 紅豆, 刨冰

Milk Syrup, Homemade Mochi
煉乳, 白玉

SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋
Address: G/F, 14 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2529 1223
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 13:00-00:00

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