Viral Fusion 豐樂里 – Fusion with Abundant Flavors

Been here for the first time, Viral Fusion is a hidden gem set in the heart of Central.

It offers a cross of East meet West cuisine at a private kitchen, where is a pretty cozy dining room decorated with a few modern Chinese communist paintings.

The chef, trained at L’Atelier de Joel Roubuchon, Rouchon Au Dome, has meticulously prepared a course menu named as”豐味”, meaning of abundant flavors, including “迎”, “味”, “滋” that represent starter, mains and dessert respectively.

Two fresh oysters are served on dry ice for an impressive presentation. Despite a little lack of sweetness and marine flavor from the oysters, I appreciate the effort in making the delicate toppings such as a refreshing yuzu pops and chicken stock jelly.

The lobster casserole is baked with bread roll, decently fresh and tender, included some green and yellow zucchini, asparagus, bamboo shoot, and 2 rigatoni, which is a kind of huge penne pasta, to thoroughly absorb the complex flavor. Suggested to finish the sauce with the bread roll, although it is a little too tough in my opinion.

We don’t normally like chicken, but this surprising whole baby roasted chicken has been our favourite of the night.
The baby chicken is roasted with a layer of super aromatic white truffle bread stuffing under that crispy golden crust. The meat is absolutely juicy and tender, this dish is quite a spot on!

The decent meal is completed with two glutinous rice dumplings served with sweet matcha syrup. I wish it can come hotter and thinner in terms of the dumpling wraps.

Truthfully, here is one of a great place to find privacy and stay away from the noise of city, but I still prefer more on traditional Chinese cuisine.

Viral Fusion

Pandora’s Pod
Fresh oysters lavishly accessorized by our Chef Felix

Salmon Roe, Yuzu Caviar, Diced Cucumber, Fresh Oyster
三文魚籽, 柚子爆珠, 青瓜粒, 生蠔

Caviar, Chicken Stock Jelly, Fresh Oyster
黑魚子, 雞湯啫喱, 生蠔

Captain Cook’s Surprise
Succulent lobster morsels slow baked in a gourmet crock infused with thyme and other

Pollo Tartufo
Premium free range chicken interfused with black truffles & foie gras bread stuffing

Free Range Baby Chicken

Mandarin Marbles
Peanut paste dumpings with matcha accent

Sesame Dumpling, Matcha Sauce, Digestive Crumbs

Prelude, Ambrosia, Savour, Chef’s Sweet Tooth
迎, 味, 滋

Viral Fusion 豐樂里
Address: 13/F, Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2677 5300
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00, 18:30-23:00
Website: /

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